Meet Clark

Clark Walker has spent his whole life connected to his art, it started with drawing at an early age, then migrated into airbrush painting when he entered high school. The obsession with spraying color lead him into custom car painting, at age 22 he decided to give up car painting and attend advertising and design school. He never really planned on being an illustrator or graphic designer, his main focus and obsession in school was video production. During this time, he had met a few very talented illustrators and felt he was better suited for illustration work over design. His main passion after design school was illustration and before too long, he went from hand illustration to full-blown vector artist, the computer pulled him into its web.

After a long career as an illustrator, graphic designer, art director and a jack-of-all-trade art smith, he has migrated back to his passion acrylic painting on canvas. Acrylic painting was developed in art school due to a great painting instructor threatening to give him a failing grade if he didn't try a new style besides realism. He painted in this new style kicking and screaming and completely red in the face mad, then one day the painting turned a corner and he passed the class, and loved the style, thanks Mimi.

Painting with a brush is Clark’s true artistic expression, that has no time and plenty of space. Hopefully, you will enjoy viewing as much as he does painting. Dogs and animals are Clark's latest adventure. If you would like to commission a piece or purchase prints of existing artwork, please click here.

Thanks for looking and enjoy!

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